Trucking & Brokering Marketplace
- Background of Brokering
- Definitions
- Agency
- Double Brokering Vs. Co-Brokering
- The Story of Sam, Chuck, and Art
- The Complexity of the Market
- Trucking vs. Brokering

Marketing & Sales
- Market Research
- Criteria for Selecting Prospects
- The Brochure
- The Sales Plan
- The Formal Letter
- Sales and Plan Rollout
- Quotations Process
- Liability

Freight Rate Development & Broker Operations
- Match Process
- Truck Finding Process
- Contract
- Rate Confirmation & the Check Call
- Least Cost Routing Guide and Market Freight Rate
- Freight Rate Development
- Carrier Authority and the Property Broker's License
- Fuel Surcharge

Negotiations & Claims
- RATE Matrix
- Brokering Negotiations
- Period of Renegotiations
- Enforcement Negotiations
- Types of Claims
- Sales Plan Rollout
Property Broker's
- LTL Rule of Thumb Guide and Class Rates

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